Ways To Give

1. Sanitary Pads For Girls

School absenteeism is a major risk factor to the education of girls in Uganda. Girls face emotional and psychological stress. Menstruation, a natural process for women and girls, is a big problem for girls in most parts of Uganda causing a huge risk to their health and disempowerment. To manage their menstrual flow, girls turn to anything like rags, tissue papers, pieces of old clothes, tree leaves, newspapers, cotton wool, corn husks, basically anything that can possibly do the job

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2. Sponsor a Child

Sponsor a Child    There are always sponsorship opportunities! Children need to be sponsored. Bring hope to the life of a boy or a girl

Providing : –        Nutritious food, Health care, Education and more

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3. Meet Basic Needs

2 SOCCER BALLS $20 – Your gift of a soccer ball can replace a makeshift banana leaf ball for a boy or a girl.

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4. Clothing for Children

The lack of simple things like clothing and medicines can have deadly consequences. Going without proper clothing and shoes leaves children vulnerable to cold weather and harsh environments. They become susceptible to illnesses and infections. Your support will help children avoid illness through protective shoes and clothing.

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5. Donate Bed Nets


You can help buy a goat for one family by making a donation of $55. Goats provide milk, cheese and yogurt to needy families and generate income from the sale of dairy products and offspring.

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6.Running the Organization

Running the Organization

Learn more about supporting the behind the scenes work of the organization, e-mail us at info@treasuresoftomorrow.org all cheques should be made payable to TREASURES OF TOMORROW. Please indicate on your cheque the purpose of the donation e.g. School Supplies, Family Support, Basic Needs, Goat or Goats, Nets, or running the organization. For every donation that you make, a receipt will be provided by mail or fax.

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